I am looking for a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom somewhere in the world to partner with my two classes of 40 fourth graders in Edina, Minnesota, USA. My idea is to match students with similar interests to collaboratively write a blog. The interests could be anything that motivates students to curate and write about…sports, favorite author, pets, fishing, etc (you get the picture right?).

Students would take turns meeting once a week throughout the year via Skype to discuss and plan their blog postings. I would like to begin sometime in mid or late October once the students have learned the routines. Perhaps this could be optional and limited to only those students motivated and committed to collaboratively sustaining the blog for the entire year. Please contact me via email if you are interested and we can get the ball rolling. Thanks!



About Terry F Erickson

I am a fourth grade teacher in Edina, Minnesota, USA.

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